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Falconry Demonstrations

Attending over 300 events a year, The Hawking Centre Falconry Display team is a fantastic way to entertain your crowd, as well as an impressive static display of birds of prey on perches with name badges and Falconers on hand to answer questions, 2 crowd engaging flying demonstrations can be given showing the amazing feats of the birds in flight, from the delicate Owls which swoop over the crowds heads, to the simulated hunting skills of the Hawks, the size and majesty of the Eagle to the high speed dexterity of the Peregrine Falcon reaching over 125 miles per hour.

Billed as the most impressive Falconry Display on the circuit, we have 2 Falconry Display teams to cover most events. Please make an early reservation for your show

Please email
enquiries@thehawkingcentre.co.uk or call 01795 473680 for further details.

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The Hawking Centre
Doddington Place Gardens
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Contact Info
  • 01795 473680
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About Us
Established in 1998 The Hawking Centre is owned by Leigh and Jo Holmes, Falconers and Television presenters with a vision to share their passion of training and flying Birds of Prey and offering unforgettable Falconry Experiences.