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5 Day Course in Falconry

The ultimate five day course for those seriously planning to keep and fly their own bird of prey. Five days of Falconry tuition combined with hands-on experience will equip you with a working knowledge of raptors for you to feel ready to begin keeping your own bird.

The course covers all aspects including handling, husbandry, veterinary advice and equipment making, we will guide you through the process of choosing a bird, how to house it, train it and above all fly it.

General health and hygiene issues are covered with an unrillavlled follow-up programme to help with queries or questions when training and working with your own bird. But it's not all theory, The Hawking Centres team of birds means you will work with Eagles, Vultures, Hawks, Owls and Falcons with plenty of hands-on flying experience, we ensure you are confident and proficient in all areas.

Included in your course is:

  • All gloves and equipment needed for your course
  • Daily Lunch and refreshments over looking the formal lawns
  • A complimentary Falconry book
  • A dedicated follow up and support service


Price per person: £425.00

The Award consists of three units

Unit 1 Bird of Prey management and husbandry
  • Module 1 Housing
  • Module 2 Hygiene
  • Module 3 Feeding and food preparation
  • Module 4 Health
  • Module 5 Species suitability and legislation

Unit 2 Basic Falconry techniques
  • Module 6 Purchasing your first bird
  • Module 7 Essential equipment
  • Module 8 Picking up and carrying
  • Module 9 Feeding and manning
  • Module 10 Weighing and weight management
  • Module 11 Flying to the fist

Unit 3: Conditioning and flying free a bird of prey
  • Module 12 Flying free
  • Module 13 Getting fit
  • Module 14 Preparing a bird of prey for hawking
  • Module 15 Entering on artificial prey
  • Module 16 Practical radio tracking
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The Hawking Centre
Doddington Place Gardens
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Contact Info
  • 01795 473680
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About Us
Established in 1998 The Hawking Centre is owned by Leigh and Jo Holmes, Falconers and Television presenters with a vision to share their passion of training and flying Birds of Prey and offering unforgettable Falconry Experiences.